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character_100's Journal

100 Character Icons
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100 Character Icons
Welcome to character_100!

This is an icon community where you can make 100 icons of a chosen character, whether they be from tv, movies, internet series, graphic novels, anime, etc....

Mod: jellygraphics
If you would like to contact the mod, please post in the FAQ post.
Rules + Instructions
Before anything else, you have to join character_100. When you first join, you will not have any posting access. To gain access, you have to make a Claim. When you have finished your claim, please make sure that you post a link to where you have all 100 icons posted (that makes it easier for me to keep track of.) Then post a comment on the Hall Of Fame Post to get a banner (if you wish) and to be entered into the character_100 Hall Of Fame.

You have 3 months to complete all 100 icons in your claim. If you make more than one claim (which is more than welcome), you still only have 3 months to finish all your claims. You can make a new claim if you are part way through another one. You will still have 3 whole months to complete the second claim.

You have to make 100 icons in total (bases and alternates are alright) and 50 of those have to be Themed. The other 50 are 'artists choice'.

You can post small 'batches' throughout your claim, to keep us updated on your progress if you wish. But pleasse make it more than 2 new icons per update (just 2 would be silly, lol). And when you have finished the claim, make one final post that links to all 100 icons.

Please use 'teasers' (a maximum of 3) and 'cut' the rest. You can post your icons directly to the community itself, or just link to your own journal. But please make sure you put this in the post you make to the comm:

Topic: (ie-Sayid.)
Subject: (ie- Sayid, Lost season 1.)
Batch: (ie- batch 2, 42/100)
Notes: (you don't need to include this if you do not have any notes.)

It looks better if you use a table wheny ou post your icons. That way it looks neat and its easier to see which icon is for which theme (you have to specify which icon is for which theme.) We have supplied an icon table you can use, which can be found at This Post. You can, ofcourse, change the colours, or make your own icon table. But remember to include the themes.

No extensions will be given unless they are requested.
Sister Communities

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